Ditch It All is the place of nourishing of creativity and uniqueness in individuals by inspiring them to build a character that’ll become their perpetuum mobile of creative process.

Our goal is de-programming ourselves from limiting beliefs and freeing innate resourcefulness while the tools are secondary to the vision one needs to build on the path to the ultimate freedom of self-expression.

We operate inside the wide spectrum of manifestation, from the slow pulse of bass music through the higher vibrations of visible light up to the ultra high frequencies of thought.

Join us and be part of the journey.

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Marcin Rakowski Marcin Rakowski - Ditch It All– Previously graphic designer and IT abuser whose earlier interest in learning how to play guitar unfolded into full scale love affair with music design. In his late twenties he envisioned a two step transition from the world of graphics through audio engineering to music creation. In 2014 he’s relocated to The Gambia to direct a creative arts centre with a music recording studio at its heart. – Bantaba.


Greg KrycinskiGreg Krycinski - Ditch It All – His early interests in music have seen him through to developing a successful audio-visual engineering career, while his musical ear grew accustomed to a more passive role of a listener. The technical ability on his to date path has proved an excellent foundational base once he stumbled upon his old forgotten affinity for still photography. Having delved deeply into his craft he accomplished a wide body of work and through the process of changing domains and applying stern analytical focus to his work he’s now looking at sharing and widening his wisdom by directing his efforts towards the community. You can find his work on his personal website.


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