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Book Review: A Beautiful Anarchy by David DuChemin

A Beautiful Anarchy Book Review - ditchitall.com

I have been first introduced to David’s work a while back by with “Vision Mongers”, an excellent book on the subject of photography. David is a humanitarian photographer who mostly works for NGOs and their development projects around the globe. He is now a well established photographer and writer but getting to where he is now was far from a smooth ride, which makes for a good background story for this particular book. When he announced the release of “A Beautiful Anarchy” I was really looking forward to getting my hands on it.

In this title, David goes through creative process, touches on subjects such as inspiration, Muse, hard work and tenacity. He begins with a very true statement, that we are all creative, and goes then to show that expressions like “I’m not really creative” are, indeed, bull. Although some of the chapters might seem a bit cheesy at times, they work very well to push one to make an effort next time they sit down to work on his/her projects. On the other hand, some of the chapters are smack in your face reality of hard work and that nothing will come without it. In the end I think the two are very well balanced and work together rather well.

Even though this might not be considered a pinnacle of literature, and David’s metaphors are quite cheap at times to say the least (he admits to it himself), the book can be really inspiring, even if cheesy at times. But hey, who doesn’t like some decent cheddar, especially with a pint of Fursty Ferret, right?

Bear in mind, that the book is written by a photographer, so it carries that point of view throughout, but in the end it focuses on the creative process and ways to ride its waves so that anyone within the creative field, such as arts, can learn a fair bit from it. I highly recommend it (and no, I will not give it a “score”) as I find myself reaching out to it even if it is to read a chapter from time to time.

It’s an inexpensive title but you will need a Kindle, or at least the app, to read it as it is not available as paperback. You can also get it as a .pdf from the dedicated blog that this title produced. If you wish to support us, you can¬†buy the book on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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