Law of Fractal

How to know what’s right for you? And I don’t mean what do you think is right for you. But what you feel is right for you. It involves a different type of listening.

The analytical approach of splitting life’s engagement to balance areas of work, family, health etc has been interesting innovation, but is highly inaccurate to cover all colours of identity among all of us. The brain is very slow at giving right answers. Which it then gets wrong anyway. To know what’s right is the same as “seeing”. Seeing into the future one might say.

I suffer from getting into too many things at the same time and been trying to write a post about pros and cons of being a Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None. I started seriously looking into what’s the most sensible and infallible guideline to the feeling of living my life like it belongs to me.

I have an inbuilt mechanism of getting into turbulent journeys. Thanks to it I manage to visit planes of my own being that feel like a shape of an object which I’m trying to tell while blindfolded. And the shape keeps changing.

Where are the signposts?

Moving from word to word which I often trace to their source of origin I arrived at the concept of passion. In big parts also thanks to discussions with a fellow passionate being Matt Pople who with we ended up creating an educational project called Passion 4 Listening. And (not) to mention Bantaba.

Interestingly the original meaning of passion has been that of suffering. These days in common language it’s mostly infused with meaning that puts it closer to bliss. I’ll stick to the modern meaning for now.

Backtracking few steps. Mastery can not be reached without passion.

If we don’t examine what passion is we’re doomed to be just Jacks. Maybe of many trades that keep changing while we stumble. Or maybe of none. It’s a little like wandering around and doing things that make no other sense than survival. Is that wrong? There are no wrongs, but how do you feel about it?

What is passion?

Result of focus is growth. Growth is in itself an awesome process in which transformations occur. From the dark seed comes out a seedling, it starts showing first leaves. It grows few more. They’re all green. It climbs up. The stem starts to harden and the first branch shoots out sprouting a trail of more leaves along the way. There is much going on underground which the eyes can’t see. The root has life of its own simultaneously branching out in all directions. The plant starts to grow. The stem bulks up and changes colour. Once just a long pole with few twigs sticking out, still looking like a scarecrow, it goes on to develop an impressive crown. Along the way little white flowers start appearing in between the leaves. They turn into fruits carrying packed pods of seeds holding potential for infinite growth. This is the Law of Fractal. Officially now as it’s all in capitals.

This is passion in full focus. Each and every element  in, of, and all around the tree is giving hundred percent into what’s its main purpose of its life. It doesn’t occur to a liver tissue cell to say “fuck it, fuck being a liver. I want to be a hair follicle and move along.” If that happens it’s cancer. We can see how this could be called suffering because life asks to give of ourselves to benefit the whole. Suffering comes as a journey of discovery of who we are (not).

Doesn’t it stand to follow that we as humans, made from such a variety of passionate life elements, are carrying compound potential somewhere around the potential of the whole universe?

You may say “well, I don’t know about THAT big.” Isn’t universe coming out of nothing, and let’s be honest it’s definitely no thing that we know helluva lot about, as mysterious as a life giving, self-regulating, self-aware collaboration of cells that we call organism?

As humans we started to ask questions and that fucked us up, because the answer that the mind produces is not always the truth. Pair that with our confidence of understanding our minds with words to sense the catastrophe. The words come to us from outside which means we infuse them with our own meaning which in communication doesn’t anymore represent the truth.

We have the ability to wonder that often follows with a question mark. At times it throws us into a frantic intelligence mission called “BUT WHAT DO I DO?” The intuition knows already what to do, but we are constantly trying to reason with it using language. It’s the romantic tale of mind vs heart. Only it’s often quite tragic. When asking yourself what to do to feel safe when everything is so scary you forgotten it’s just a ride. 

The intuition is our ability to find way in the world beyond meanings. If somebody asks what is a purpose of life (like here on Quora). The answer is and always will be beyond words. That’s why sometimes it’s so good to seat with somebody in silence in awareness that they too feel it.

You can pose a question and listen. The answer is going to be intuitive. Maybe in a form of a mental image. The answer will be clear and it’s your choice to act on it or not. Intuition is not going to give you answers beyond you. They may seem so at the time, but they are the transformations that are waiting to happen.

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