Earthrise - Willliam Anders - On Responsibility -

On Responsibility

Earthrise - Willliam Anders - On Responsibility -
Earthrise – Willliam Anders – Apollo 8 (1968)


You cannot change the world.

The world is changing constantly regardless of your actions or inactions. What you hold in your hand is a tool that can influence the direction of these changes, however. Whether it is a microphone, a camera or a pen and whatever you are doing with it, you hold that power. Responsibility rests on your shoulders. It doesnt matter how many megapixels it has, how grainy you photos are or how good of a quality your records hold. You have the ability to influence someone’s life.

The butterfly effect is very much real. Through one photograph, one verse of a song or a simple blog post you can inspire or motivate someone. Make the most out of it. Remember that with the same tool you can bring someone down.

There is only one constant in this universe; change.

Be wise. Knowing yourself is as important, if not more, as knowing your tools. The light of your thought, the bitrate of your heart and word of your soul is what creates. Listen to it, be one with it. You eyes hold a reflection of the Sun. Your eardrums vibrate at the slightest sound but it is your mind that interprets these signals and puts your own stamp on them. It is how you interpret the vibration. Any art form, not just photography, is a craft of capturing, capturing your inner voice, your vision and your thought.

We live in a world with limited forms of communication. Ones that have greatest ideas to share realize that they cannot be simply put down in words. Through art we make others resonate at the same frequencies as we are. The emotional response to it might differ slightly but the message does not change.

We have been born to create, to influence the change. From the moment of our birth we have influenced lives of our parents. We went to school to influence lives of our teachers, who in return, influenced ours.

Freedom is a state of mind. It is the one that finds happiness in his daily routines that can truly be free. He can then go on to create and spread his message through different art forms.

Do not push away anything in your life as even the most minor events hold value at some point of this butterfly effect. We still live in the chain reaction of the big bang, or if you believe in God, he too sparked a chain reaction at the moment of creation. Whatever sparkled it, was in turn reaction to something else. It is not chaos. Things do not have to be in order to be beautiful. Shape of every each cloud holds beauty even though they are not symmetrical nor do they have particular order. Tropical forests do not have trees growing in rows either.

Be flaky. Let your intuition guide you through when creating, whatever weapon of mass influence you choose, be it a camera, a paintbrush, a pen, a microphone or a chisel. Don’t fear of the consequence, face it as it comes. No one is going to get out of this life alive.

Nas rhymed “all I need is one mic to spread my voice all over the world”. All you need is that one tool. You have an infinite power with this one old camera. Power comes with responsibility. Responsibility to find your true inner voice. And to keep it only to yourself would be a crime against humanity. Listen to yourself, your deep down self and emphasize that voice with whatever tool you choose. That is the reason that analogique tools find so much use. It is not down to material quality of the results. You can feel it with your fingertips. When you change the shutter speed on the camera, you can feel the gears turn, once you touch it, it becomes an extension of your arm. Be one with your tools and let it be one with yourself. Just like a sword in a hand of a true samurai.


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