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Perspective Shift

Perspective Shift - ditchitall.comIn his upcoming post Greg is describing cyclical nature of creative development that can be observed in many masters of art. I’ll go as far as saying that the way the whole Universe is unfolding bears the insignia of that trait. That the evolution of consciousness leads right back to its source. Bear with me, this has to do with creativity.

Our human experience starting as Tabula Rasa written on by many maxims, ideas and “truths” as we flow through it, shows how the puzzle pieces are falling one by one away exposing the whole picture. It’s often visible in the dissonance of the young and the elderly generations. Both growing up in different reality, yet one has dealt with the puzzles, the other still mistaken them for the original. As the young rides the cart of maturity it discovers that there was never a separation between them and the old. And drops the puzzles. Yet many will march through life and accumulate a set of values arguably worth defending and this becomes their perspective. It becomes their puzzling burden. One such perspective was that the world was flat.

Then, as science and reason developed we’ve been told that the Earth is actually round. The truth is unaffected regardless of beliefs. The only thing that is affected is the belief system of the mind. If we let it happen. The actual repercussions of the Earth being flat are unknown. Of course, we can speculate until heart’s content, but certainty is out of question.

Geocentric belief may differently affect our sense of modesty than the one that tells us that the whole of humanity is less significant than an ecosystem on a particle of dust. The famous Pale Blue Dot can provide a glimpse into that mindset.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Beliefs have nothing to do with actual truth. Yet they have all to do with how will we behave in the face of perception that the belief will have us react to.

Those beliefs are sitting inside the unconscious mind and during most of the time we are just handed in results from it reacting to what we believe is true. This is important to grasp. We are not stripped of the power to decide what we perceive as true, but once we let a belief into our system and then perceive a situation to which that belief pertains and decide it is true, then our unconscious mind will do the rest. The whole idea of placebo is based on that premise.

Again, this doesn’t need to have anything to do with actual truth. This is what’s meant by saying “Ignorance is bliss”. It’s bliss, because we will ignore “truths” that add no positive value to our well-being.

Probably the best archive of wrong beliefs is the Darwin Awards.

On the contrary, the best archive of right beliefs is your own personal list of people that you admire. The beliefs those people hold are “right” for what you admire. Yet again, they don’t need to have anything to do with the truth.

So all that as a background, but what I had in mind is a way to free ourselves of a particular belief that may be holding us back from reaching out towards something that appeals to us so much that it freezes us to death. Funnily enough, death is a perfect tool for a perspective shift. The concept of it as a perspective shifting tool has been mentioned and exercised through centuries (and surely longer). You are surely familiar with the old maxim “Memento Mori” – Remember About Death. Stephen Covey, in his greatly acclaimed book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is describing an exercise in which we are to visualise our own funeral. The fact of the matter is, when we are faced with our own demise all those puzzles fall away and present a crystal clear picture of our infinite perfection. We are handed in all the power and the made up aspirations are replaced by those of selfless concern.Perspective Shift -

Ultimately it’s not the fear of loss we want to invoke. No intelligent action can come from a negative vibration. Such choice would push us further away from the path of bliss we are longing to get on. It’s the realisation of our own power that comes when we decide that we have nothing to lose. In fear, we put of decisions and thwart our desires afraid of losing security of the known. No matter how miserable the known is currently making us. The unknown on the other side is often seen as impenetrable darkness. Like a dark staircase in an empty house. Walking down, the thoughts of murderers, aliens, thieves and wild animals fill our minds. Irrationally and without effect other than fear. Developing trust in the unknown is paramount to freeing ourselves into unfolding into abundantly creative beings we are.

Some people get creative only when they face some kind of catastrophe. They don’t act until their immediate security or peace is threatened. It only makes sense to alarm our sense of security and realise that stagnancy and security are the threat!Perspective Shift -

I mentioned it has to do with creativity. Totally. As we are so is our creation. As we are so are our choices. Because we are infinitely creative we are able to fill the unknown with feats of courage and heroism. We can build our own myth.

There’s a write up I came across recently that can give us yet another perspective on our lives:

We Drink The Water of The Builders of the Pyramids

When Earth was created 4 billion years ago, there was no water. All the water we have today was brought to our planet by comets and asteroids.

Water is neither destroyed nor created. Think about that: the water the exists today is the same that has always existed — the same water that existed during the life of roman emperor Julius Caesar, the same water drunk by the builders of the pyramids in Egypt, the same water carried in the ships of the Viking warriors.

Think about the water you have in your body now, in your blood, in the fluid between your cells or in the watery content of your eyes. Until a few days ago some of this water was in the ocean, in a river, floating in clouds over forests and cities or running deep in the soil, touching the roots of the trees.

All the water in your body has been in the bodies of other animals and plants. When they died, or sweated, or urinated, the water returned to the environment.

Some of the water in your body has been in the body of other people. This may have happened in the distant past or just a few days ago.

It is very likely that one molecule of the water in your body has been in the body of an important historic figure.

Like Charlemagne, the soldier-king of the Holy Roman Empire, Emperor of France and Germany.

Or Hannibal, Carthage’s great general, or Scipio Africanus, the roman general who defeated him.

Leonardo da Vinci. Galileo. Joan of Arc.

Plato, Socrates e Aristotle. Hippocrates.

Or some unknown druid who helped to build Stonehenge.

Full text here.

The two drawings that appeared throughout the text are common examples used to present a perspective shift idea. One the first image we can see two animals, on the second one two women. See how fast and easy you can identify both.

PS. For ideas on implications of having never discovered that the Earth is/was round please contact us.

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