The Importance of Quantity -

Quality Over Quantity – The Importance of Quantity

Quality Over Quantity - The Importance of Quantity -

I guess the quote of “quality over quantity” has been repeated to death and it has carved itself in our thoughts. Since my thought process is to question the fundamentals and prove them wrong I did the very same with this particular “truth”. First, yes, the quality of work takes the first place when evaluating an artist, but this is only an outsiders point of view. Producing quality work can only be achieved by producing a quantity of it behind the scenes. Besides, “quality over quantity” does not automatically mean a 99 to 1 ratio. I am yet to hear about an artist who “made it” with a singe piece. To stand out from the crowd is to produce a series, just like an album makes a singer rather than a simple EP with two or three different tracks multiplied by remixes and remasters.

A single piece that achieves highs, can only equal to a potential, whereas a true value lies in full body of work. That is where the artists vision and creativity shines.

As some of you may know I have recently took on a 365 project. It was shortly after I have read an article, or rather a short interview with Seteve McCurry, who spoke about importance of doing your thing every day. You cannot approach your craft as a weekend warrior if you want to get somewhere with it. Even though I know that I will simply not be able to produce a great shot every day but even if I end up with one good photograph each month, I will have a series of twelve images at the end of it, which is more than I’d wish for. It’s all about doing your thing and doing it as much as you possibly can. I am a true believer in hard work. Putting your heart into growing apples will result with the sweetest fruits.

There is also some truth to the ten thousands hours idea, mastering a craft would only be part of the outcome at the end of that. The other would be that you would end up with a strong body of work and confidence to take all this a step further. It is all after a deliberate practice though. Then just simply carry on. You cannot stop at that. It will catch up with you. If you are not moving forward you are simply losing your touch. Think of it as of learning a language. Scholar curriculum is of no use if you are not using your skills on a daily basis. You will simply start forgetting your vocabulary and loose fluency..

All in all, I truly believe that quality and quantity should live in a perfect harmony, or to put it mathematically, in a 50/50 ratio. I simply fail to see the advantage of one over the other.

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