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Screw All Responsibilities

Sometimes one wants to SCREW ALL RESPONSIBILITIES. I mean forever. And then…? What would actually happen? That can be a terrifying territory, because suddenly we are left with nothing… but a new responsibility. Responsibility to use our freedom to the extent we have been wishing for. We could of course just relax and do f**k all and as such make a pretty weak use of the potential that life’s got inherent in itself. In fact, unless you are on benefits, which is a pretty good indication of how well you are doing for yourself, you are going to very quickly stop being able to afford weed and electricity to continue the use of freedom as you wish it was. The benefactors can be your parents as much as the public. Which, in this convoluted system of policracy, makes a great case of avoiding accountability for doing f**k all at the expense of the masses. Of course these are pretty tough words, but they are directed only at those who’s view of their ideal life lays on shifting responsibilities for their own “freedom” to others.

The point is, if we are not making a positive contribution to lives of others then we are failing ourselves. Nothing in life is free. We need to earn the living. And we can do it the hard way, that is, pay the karma mortgage always one step after the interest rate sum up. If we don’t, the invisible debt will be growing on us until its weight will be so heavy it’ll hopelessly cripple us by stacking more demands that we can possibly fill, pushing us from what we see as our perfect life further and further away. Or do it the right way, find our gifts and give them away.  And this is what it’s all about. Creativity and expression. Finding your gift and giving it away. You never pay and you are always paid.

It takes us to Value, but that’s whole another topic. It’s ranting mood today. Perhaps because it felt that I have been overburdened with responsibilities and this is my way of venting it. It becomes obvious that the possibility of falling spread too thin by too many responsibilities is real. The results can be as bad as doing f**k all. Feeding negative emotions of resentment and impatience to the environment is considered a rather valueless gift. If that happens it’s time to take a break and reflect.

Yet, luckily, and that I’m sure of, nobody whose claiming responsibility for their own life can be offended by this post. Job done. As Jack Canfield said, I take responsibility for all of what happens to me 100% of the time.

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