Spinning Ball Concentration

You can’t achieve excellence in any thought until you explored it to the furthest point in its continuum. Concentration is like a spinning basketball on your finger tip. You have to hold it steady otherwise it falls all the way down. That usually happens when you are interrupted. That’s because you set yourself up for interruption. If you leave your phone on, your internet connection on and don’t lock the door with the warning that you’re not there, then you probably are not reaching far on the continuum.

The seed of attention will explode as a tree shaped firework and bloom with flowers of colours of which your eyes never dreamt before.

We need concentration to generate ideas, but also to refine and execute them. Interruptions kick us out of the flow. Concentration costs energy. If you don’t respect your own time it’s your choice. Yet think of answering a question somebody asked you and in the midst of it they are answering a phone call. Doesn’t it feel frustrating? Usually followed up with “What were you saying?” leads to restarting the train of thought, waste of time and often lost essence and depth. It’s a very similar situation to let phone calls, texts, emails or news to invade on our concentration. Any time you allow something or somebody to break your concentration you undermine your ability to reach better results.

I find it’s easier to execute my resolution if I pre-plan 1-2 hours long blocks of time dedicated to prolonged uninterrupted attention sessions. Mobiles and internet effectively cut short any of our attempts and act similarly to a door bell the moment we just sat down coming back from answering the previous one. Don’t make exceptions and switch them off. Get rid of distractions. Get rid of interruptions. Don’t let the door bell ring.

Stay Creative!

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