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Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon Review

A little book of wise thoughts on creativity. Steal like an Artist will have you reaching for it any time you stumble across a creative block.

Steal Like an Artist arrived from Amazon and to be frank, it was a bit of a disappointment. Small format and not exactly rich in content, it seemed like a lengthy blog post with simple graphics put through a printer and sold to customers for their hard earned money. I was soon to be proven wrong.

The mentioned small format helps to keep the book within reach and it comes in handy on the commute. Technically, the book can be read in about thirty to forty minutes, but I wouldn’t say that one should read it in one sitting. The entire book takes a format of a top 10 list, with commentary, few graphics and a quote here and there accompanying each point. After reading one or two parts, it’s good to leave a while to let the information given sink in before moving on to the next section. As I mentioned before, my disappointment has faded away once I started reading it and all I can say is that the content is absolutely top notch. The advice given by Austin can be really helpful for any creative regardless of the field of work. The bite-sized chapters or points make it easy to come back to the book when all you are looking for is just that little push towards your daily work on projects. As one of my colleagues at work rightly pointed out, Steal Like an Artist does not take too much of your time and lets you get on with your creativity, rather than pinning you down to your chair for hours. In fact, here’s his note:

Note - book review steal like an artist

It is also worth mentioning that me and him had completely different take away points from it, as I went through his notes (he did know about it by the way).

My one argument against Steal Like an Artist would be the extremely poor quality of binding. After two reads, the pages have simply fallen off. Although the author recommends at the end to pass the book on, it would be a tricky thing to do as the book is pretty much a single use item before it becomes a collection of sticky notes.

Binding - book review steal like an artist
Poor Binding

Still, that would not stop me in recommending it to any person who’s somewhat evolved in a creative work, especially that you can now get a kindle version, so longevity will not be an issue. I actually ordered the sequel, Show Your Work, even before finishing this one because I liked the contend so much.


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