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Three Ways to Create Space for New Ideas

Imagine a bookshelf, completely filled with books. There is self-improvement books, finance books, recipe books and even “For Dummies” series on most trivial things you could imagine. There is no more space for even a poem collection. Now imagine that this bookshelf is your mind. How can you expect creative ideas to fall into it when it is already full of thought related to your mundane tasks? Here are three ways to create that space.

Work out. Get yourself physically tired. Run, cycle or do any sports for at least an hour. Make sure you give everything for that one hour so that you find yourself exhausted. Bob Marley used to play a lot of football, after which he would just sit down to write songs. It is all about relaxing your mind and letting new ideas come to you.

Meditate. Benefits of meditation are now pretty popular, like releasing stress, anxiety and so on but for creatives it carries one crucial benefit – creates space. You can stop thoughts messing up your mind and allow it to focus on new ideas.

Write. Journal, blog or even a novel. Writing works similar to meditation. Journals are pretty much the best way to get stuff of your chest. Once you do that it will calm your mind down and you might even find a flow of new ideas while you write. Marcin wrote more extensive post on the subject here.

Pick one and continue with it for at least a month (all three might be a bit of an overkill). I am sure that you will notice a change in your thinking process and you will find yourself more creative.


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