Schedule Your Breaks -

Why You Should Schedule Your Breaks

to Avoid Burnouts and to Maximise Your Creativity

Schedule Your Breaks -

Working on long term projects can be really exhausting, especially when you put all your focus and energy towards it. It is also easy to loose track of time spent on it and the more time you spend working on something the closer you will get to burnout. Taking a day off here and there can help keep your mind fresh and focused at the same time but only when these breaks are scheduled beforehand. There’s a good reason for that, one besides the whole burnout thing. Longer projects will eventually get tiring, no matter how much you will enjoy the process and/or the results. Scheduling breaks will give you something to look forward to and push on during the “work” days (just like weekends in a nine to five type job).

Try to avoid having an “off” day and calling it a break at the end of it as this can have an exact opposite effect. Going through an entire day thinking of your “to do” list, pressurising yourself, putting things off for later and not getting anything done might will damage your self confidence.

How to schedule breaks? The old rule of 80/20 might just be the key. It is pretty much like a work week with a weekend at the end of it, so five days of work with a two days of sweet laziness or a hardcore partying, whatever floats your boat. Too long breaks will make it difficult to come back to the routine and, on the other hand, short ones will not give you enough rest. Experiment, it’s all about finding your own rhythm. Experiment with your days off, too. Needless to say that we are all unique and certain things will work better for some and not so great for others. Long walks, gigs, museums or galleries, try them all and see how they fuel your week ahead and what level of productivity they will provide you with. Be sure to detach yourself from the projects and enjoy the free time.

I would also like to share with you the TED talk below as there is some interesting insights in it.

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