You Are Not Your Gear -

You Are Not Your Gear

You Are Not Your Gear -

It hurts me. It physically hurts me, when people identify themselves with their tools. “I’m a Nikon shooter”. “I only write with Sheaffer pens”. “I cannot imagine using anything other than my Mac for my work”. I wonder if posh food lovers tend to identify themselves with the cutlery they use. “I am the Robbe & Berking spoon” while slurping on the soup.

“There’s no bloody spoon…” – paraphrasing the weird, bald kid in The Matrix

Seriously, you can still be a street photographer that never even held a Leica in his hand.

Do not let your gear or choice of it define who you are and what are you trying to portray through your work. Not every footballer has a haircut that resembles a ball. Just look at Neymar Jr. Let the tools be a slave to you and not the other way around. I wish my camera could grow a beard to be more like me. Oh well…

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